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Flynn Subdivision Experts are a development management and subdivision consultancy focusing on infill property development and education services in Western Australia.

Subdividing Land and Building: Strategy Focus

Subdividing Land and Building in Western Australia Subdividing land and building new dwellings will continue to play an important role in providing housing opportunities for the states growing population. In this article we will explore why, from a planning perspective and development economics perspective. Whether you’re subdividing one block into two or [...]

Perth Property Market Predictions 2019

The McGowan Government’s announcement early this month that it will lift Keystart loans by more than $400 million to stimulate housing demand is good news for subdivision in the Perth property market. The stimulus package, aimed at lower-income earners, is particularly relevant in WA as nearly 80% of Keystart loans in [...]

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Using Granny Flats: WA Developer Tips

Incorporating Special Purpose Dwellings into Subdivisions The Residential Design Codes of Western Australia has a specific (and mostly unknown) section devoted to the provision of special purpose dwellings in residentially coded areas of the community. These are; Ancillary dwellings (can be granny flats in WA, in this instance they are not [...]

Residential Design Codes WA: Using Variations

Variations and Concessions to the Residential Design Codes WA In Western Australia, the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission) centrally administers all subdivision applications, and assesses them against the residential design codes WA. All subdivision applications are received and reviewed by the WAPC in consultation with relevant stakeholders (Local Government, Western Power, [...]

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R20/40 Zoning Definition

Dual density zoning, what does it mean for you? Dual density zoning (also called "dual density coding", “split residential density” or “bonus zoning”) is an initiative we are seeing adopted and applied to subdivision applications by many councils in Western Australia. It allows local governments to offer more flexibility to property [...]

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Bushfire Prone Areas for Subdivisions

Subdividing in Bushfire Prone Areas of WA Subdividing rural land, or subdividing land in bushfire prone areas, is becoming increasingly common in Western Australia. Many people are finding themselves in the position of having to jump through extra planning hoops in the process. Councils have infill targets that they need to [...]

How do you subdivide land in WA?

Three Strategy tips on How to Subdivide Land Are you wondering how do you subdivide land in Western Australia? As an investment strategy, buying a property to subdivide is a great way to increase your property portfolio and potentially increase your wealth. People have different reasons for buying property to subdivide. The [...]

Corner Block Subdivision in West Australia

Do you own a potential corner block subdivision? Corner block subdivision has become a hot topic in western Australia. Some important State Planning Policy changes have been gazetted by way of Development Control Policy 2.2 (DC2.2). In particular, they will affect the subdivision potential of corner lots in suburbs across the [...]