How Much Subdivision Costs in West Australia

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What does it cost to subdivide land in Perth, WA?

Subdivision Costs are just one part of the equation in the property development game. Perth has many development opportunities for infill development, and the question “what does it cost to subdivide?” is only the first question you should be asking. Is it going to be profitable is the more important question that needs an answer.

​Many people do not know whether “the deal” they are looking at is actually profitable. Their research stops at development potential and costs, with little regard for other crucial data. Professional developers conduct feasibility studies and diligence reporting before they start any property development project to make sure it is profitable.

It is essential to find out what a subdivision costs and if it will make sufficient financial return before you start the project.

Finding out that you are running a loss making project half way through is upsetting for all involved. To execute a profitable development or subdivision in Western Australia requires time and research to put together the best development strategy and design. As aforementioned, this is done with a feasibility study. If you are about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a project, it is logical to invest a small amount at the start to come up with the right design solution and development strategy for the site, so you can determine that there is a solution for the site where project and subdivision costs are substantially outweighed by the profits.

To conduct a proper feasibility study you need to research

  • What your project scope is

  • What all the subdivision cost components are (and building costs if you’re considering that also)

  • What the potential revenue of the end product will be

  • What other development costs there will be (like tax’s, duties, rates and interest)

​There are a lot of inputs to consider for proper feasibility than simply subdivision costs. We can help you with  professional feasibility studies  comprising of any number of the following pieces of input data and activities:

  • Strategy consultations for budgeting, tax planning, scope analysis and goal setting
  • Surveying, lot overlay sand preliminary dwelling designs
  • Preliminary geotechnical and civil engineering investigation
  • Estimation of all construction and subdivision costs
  • Perth Local government planning requirements investigation specific to the site (town planning report)
  • Comparative market analysis to guide design and revenue forecasting,
  • Feasibility review workshops for option analysis and decision making.

Data from the study allows us to help you identify and mitigate project risks, avoid costly mistakes, profit engineer the best possible design solution and make informed decisions about how, when and if to commence a project.​



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For an obligation free discussion on how we can help you call us on (08) 7078 0871 or tell us what you need and we’ll get in touch with you.

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