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What is property subdivision?

Property Subdivision is one of the three fundamental value adding strategies used in property development, alongside renovation, and building. Property subdivision can be used as a stand alone development strategy, or used in conjunction with one or both of the other two value add strategies. Whilst renovation and building focus on the refurbishment and construction of dwellings, subdivision is the land development component and is the process of subdividing larger parcels of land into smaller ones, individually titling them, and then selling or building on them.

Property Subdivision in Perth, Western Australia.

In Western Australia property subdivision is mostly administered at a state government level, by the West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). It is not administered by the local councils, except in some instances with smaller built strata subdivision applications.The WAPC is the overarching decision maker, and has the power to overrule objections made by councils ( also known as local governments ). Councils are not delegated authority to make determinations on green tile or survey strata subdivision applications.

An infill developer can use property subdivision by itself as a strategy to make money- from a cost entry point of view and risk level it is a good entry point for most developers. To optimise returns however, subdivision should be employed in conjunction with renovation and/or building. Even if the strategies have to be employed in a staged fashion (ie. doing one after the other) for financial reasons, all three strategies should be considered so you are able to maximise the potential for value adding and to make the best return on investment for yourself form each project. There is a wealth of information on this website devoted to property subdivision costs, process, regulations and strategy for your benefit. Whilst many people think it is easy, there is in fact a lot of rules and intricacies around property subdivision you must become familiar with to avoid costly mistakes and errors.

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Property Subdivision Resources

Our subdivision tools & resources are available to assist you with your research into the subdivision process, regulations, and the cost to subdivide land in Perth.

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