How to get started with subdivision & property development.

Getting started in subdivision & property development.

Perhaps you are just beginning your journey, having spent a bit of time gathering information and educating yourself. Maybe you even have a project in mind already. Wherever you are at, working with us removes the uncertainty and puts you in control of your project.

We offer the “boutique” start to finish experience to our clients, helping them to invest their time, effort and reputation into exciting and unique projects that they would love to live in and be proud to call their own. We help our clients take pride in doing their own EPIC Project.

That can be you too. With our help, we’ll get you the answers you need to enjoy a successful journey into the business of property development.

With our expert assistance, you can get the answers to these and many other questions you need to make informed investment decisions and move in the right direction from the start.

We know there are all sorts of questions that you’ll need answers to along the way, like:

  • What is the best strategy for you?

  • What type of project should you do?

  • Where and what site should you develop?

  • What are the costs involved?

  • How do you work out if your project is going to make money?

  • How do you choose the right builder or contractors?

  • How are you going to finance your project?

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EPIC Project Development

Our subdivision & property development process.

subdivision and property development process

The EPIC Project Process

by Subdivision Experts

EPIC Projects is a Start to Finish Development Management service we offer to busy professionals who are committed to succeeding in the business of property development.

Make your property development experience more successful by working with us in our our methodical 4-stage process.

We help astute couples and individuals harness the dynamic opportunities presented by undertaking their own infill property developments, but with a bit of creative flair. We offer the boutique start to finish experience to all our clients, helping them to invest their time, effort and reputation into exciting and unique projects that they would love to live in and be proud to call their own. This is the EPIC Project experience.

The EPIC Project process is a progressive 4-stage process we use to make profitable developments happen. Each stage of the development process is one piece of the puzzle that fits together to provide all the answers you need to make subdivision & property development easy, successful, and profitable. The first letter of each stage just happens to spell EPIC, so we call it The EPIC Project Process. Our clients use this process to undertake infill property development projects that are not only EPIC, but leave them proudly saying, “I’d love to live there!.”

We invite you to work with us and get the same special feeling too, by doing your very own EPIC project.

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The first step is to support you getting into the business of property development is to empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. We have an education suite to help you learn where, what and how to develop property and make profitable project commitment decisions, including books, articles, online courses, videos and workshops.



Start planning for a successful development with the essential project preparation activities, including development strategy consultation, finance pre-approvals, tax planning and investment vehicle set up and preparing an aquisition brief and budget to help us source your next project opportunity.



Professional feasibility investigation services to help find sites and remove the uncertainty by assessing risks, optimum development potential, and viable design solutions that facilitates your ability to make profitable, educated investment decisions on project commitment.



Integrated project delivery services to get your development to completion on time and on budget, including design and planning approvals, building brokerage, contractor sourcing, finance approval, scheduling, cost and variation management, build superintendence and overall project management.