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Flynn Subdivision Experts in Perth

The experts in subdivision & property development consultancy.

We are development managers who help astute working professionals to get into the business of property development in Perth, western Australia.

We offer end-to-end development management services that helps them get off to the right start, make smart, informed decisions, and enjoy repeat property development success.

The astute professionals we help are hard working individuals & couples, who are willing to:

  • learn and grow,
  • invest in their future, and
  • succeed at life.

We work with them through the EPIC project process, to engineer the most profitable design solution before they commit to getting started. Research, creative design solutions and economic sense drives informed decision making by our clients, not wishful thinking.

The result? They do EPIC Projects that they can be proud of, and would love to live in.

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Subdivision & Development Services

Choose which services suit you best.

Project Services

I already have a project.

Choose one or more of our services to help with your subdivision or property development project.

Start to Finish Services

I’m looking to start a project.

We’ll guide you through the whole subdivision and property development process.

Learn from the Subdivision Experts in Western Australia

Subdivision Courses & Training

Education is our passion, teaching you all about property development is our mission. Having the knowledge empowers you to understand what you are doing and how to make the right decisions, whether its buying the right property or working out the most profitable design solution. We want to empower you to understand that all by yourself.

With our unique education product suite you can learn about the technical and practical aspects of property development & subdividing land in Australia. All of our courses, training, seminars, and presentations are delivered in logical, easy to understand learning modules with plenty of practical examples. Our educational products are the only ones of your kind, carefully designed to help you increase your knowledge about subdivision & property development at your own pace.

Resources & Articles

Learn from FYLNN, the Perth Subdivision Experts! There is a wealth of free articles, tips and tools available at your fingertips!

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