A complimentary online tutorial on using the STASH property platform

This complimentary online tutorial is about how to use the STASH property platform in your property development endeavors to:

  • help source off market properties for development
  • research property development sites on the market
  • analyse a sites value and relevant suburb data,
  • assess development and subdivision potential,
  • perform comparative market analysis of product types
  • review other site particulars like planning controls, bushfire, flood and slope/contours

Subdivision Experts were first approached by the developer of this software in early 2023. We have spent time providing feedback over a one-year period, seeing refinements to the plugins and tools getting to the point we have hybridised our own unique version of the software with the developer. It now has the right data and tools available for our customer base, which is infill developers.

The end goal: to develop a platform that has everything in the one place, including CMA, mapping, and drawing tools, utility information, planning controls and site data. No need to have 3-5 different widows open any more when doing desktop studies. This is the real value the platform could add, and and it’s on track to be all that very soon (a few final teaks). It is at a point now though where we are happy to endorse the platform; we have formally begun using it in house since January as our official property research platform.

To suit a variety of different customer needs, there are 1-month, 3-month and 12-month subscription options, all available with a free trial. You can access this by following this link below. You can also use the checkout code FLYNNSE for a healthy discount on a subscription.

If you have any direct queries about trials for your subscription, or technical queries, please contact STASH directly:

07 4243 4600