Property Development Feasibility

Planning Reform for Western Australia to Help Infill Developers

Planning Reform for Western Australia : Overview On Wednesday the 20th of May, the Western Australian State Government announced an Action Plan for Planning Reform as part of COVID-19 economic recovery measures. Significant legislative, regulatory and policy changes will be implemented over the coming months to support Western Australia’s COVID-19 economic recovery. [...]

Subdivision Costs Perth – 2020 Overview

An Update on Subdivision Costs in Perth This article will provide a current summary of subdivisions costs in Perth and discuss the scope of work that drives these subdivision costs. Western Australia has a centrally administered land development (subdivision) system, meaning that subdivision applications are processed and administered at a state [...]

Development Site Finder 101

Development Site Finder Metrics - The Rule of Three Want to become an expert development site finder? Well, becoming an expert development site finder requires skill and expertise. There are different schools of thought and strategies to pursue when it comes to researching and choosing the right property development site. In [...]

The R Codes WA – What You Need to Know

An Overview of The R Codes WA - How do They Effect You? For the purposes of small lot subdivision and infill development in western Australia, the most important reference document is State Planning Policy  7.3 vol 1 the R-codes. WA state government Acts reference the document, as a consequence its [...]

Property Syndicate Facts and Tips

Is a Residential Property Syndicate a Good Idea? What is a property syndicate? is it smart to get involved in one? In the current financial and lending climate in Western Australia, it has been very topical for people to investigate joining or forming property syndicates. Perth has been a tough market [...]

Design WA R-Code Changes for Developers

Design WA - the Future of Development Design and Assessment Design WA is a major milestone for statutory planning in Western Australia. Over the last few years, The Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (DPLH), in conjunction with the West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and other key stakeholders, have conducted an [...]

Property Development Finance Australia

Property Development Finance in a Tough Lending Market Property development finance is currently perceived to be very tough to get in the west Australian credit market. Recent regulatory changes and investigation into lending practice by various regulatory bodies such as ASIC, APRA and most recently a Royal Commission into banking misconduct [...]

Using Granny Flats: WA Developer Tips

Incorporating Special Purpose Dwellings into Subdivisions The Residential Design Codes of Western Australia has a specific (and mostly unknown) section devoted to the provision of special purpose dwellings in residentially coded areas of the community. These are; Ancillary dwellings (can be granny flats in WA, in this instance they are not [...]

Corner Block Subdivision in West Australia

Do you own a potential corner block subdivision? Corner block subdivision has become a hot topic in western Australia. Some important State Planning Policy changes have been gazetted by way of Development Control Policy 2.2 (DC2.2). In particular, they will affect the subdivision potential of corner lots in suburbs across the [...]