Property Development Courses & Training

We teach aspiring developers the process of subdivision and property development. Our education, information and advice services include subdivision & property development training courses, books, and articles.

Learn about subdivision and property development with our series of courses, training & books.

Learning Subdivision & Property Development

Our educational training courses, books and workshops teach you all the important practical and technical aspects of small lot subdivision and property development in Western Australia. The wealth of practical and technical theory covered in our learning material means everyone can improve their knowledge and skill-set up to expert level. Your education is about you, so it needs to be flexible and self-paced, and suit your experience, schedule and budget. There are online, textbook, class based and one-on-one options available to suit people from all walks of life.

So, if you want to learn to become your own subdivision expert, appreciate the potential cost of mistakes and the value of engaging professional help, we want you to get started on your property development learning journey today with us – Let us share our expertise with you!

The first stage of getting into property development is education.

Learning Subdivision & Property Development

You’re probably here because you’ve decided getting into property development is something you seriously want to do. However, before you charge headlong into starting a project, it makes sense to understand how to do it properly first.

Property development is risky and complex if you don’t know what you are doing, but once you know how, it’s easy. It doesn’t matter if you plan on running the project yourself, or you pay someone else to help manage them – You still need an understanding of what you are doing and how to do it, so you only commit to investment decisions that make you money, not lose you money.

You need to learn about costs, processes, strategy, the market, where to buy, when to buy and what to buy. You need to understand how to maximise profits and structure a good deal, how to fund your projects, and what the common mistakes and pitfalls are. We can teach you all of this.

We have devoted an entire section of our service to property development education, training and courses. The information we provide will help you gain the knowledge and expertise you need to remove uncertainty, facilitate informed decision making and make property development easy.

Most of our customers started their journey with us through education, just like you are now. We have a wealth of online articles and pages, guidebooks, coaching services, and property development training courses. In fact, we run both online and classroom-based property development courses in Perth, so you have choice.