Property Development Courses, Seminars and Training

Flynn Subdivision Experts run both classroom based and online property development courses in Perth. Our property development courses, seminars and training will educate you thoroughly on both the practical and technical aspects of infill property development in Western Australia.

The property development courses and training literature available through us focus on the important technical aspects of small lot subdivision and property development such as site selection and study, development costs, processes and statutory planning compliance, and practical elements such as development strategy, finance and project planning. By the time you have finished learning with us you will have all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to develop property in Western Australia from start to finish.

Our courses are open to persons of all experience levels. There are online, textbook, class based and one-on-one education options available to suit first time developers, experienced developers and everyone in between. Your property development learning journey is flexible and self paced, to suit your schedule and budget. The wealth of practical and technical theory covered in our learning material means everyone is capable of improving their knowledge and property developer skill-set up to expert level.

Get started with your learning journey today – let us share our expertise with you!

What People Say About Our Property Development Courses

A really informative course that opened my eyes to all the considerations for subdivision projects. I am now much better informed of the requirements. Thank you Anton & Marcus.

I liked the easy to follow presentation and printout, advice on recommended websites for further research.

I have attended Anton’s session on the development and subdivisions during which he has covered the whole of the development process and associated costs in lots of detail.

The level of service offered was first class. The content was very thorough, logically presented and actually very useful in a commercial context. Not a day long sales pitch. Very Beneficial.

I liked the encouragement of guests to be proactive instead of fear mongering that the process was too difficult.

I liked the explanation of the R-Codes and battle-axe blocks. Speaker was really informative.

Their obvious local knowledge is well worth the time I spent in the course today.  What these guys know will give you the advantage you need to subdivide with confidence. What they don’t know, isn’t worth knowing. Highly recommend these guys.

As a Mortgage Broker I often have clients going through this process and the course gave me a really good overview of the subdivision process

I thoroughly enjoyed their advanced course on Subdivision. Anton and Markus are very knowledgeable and their use of real world projects made learning much easier.

As a buyers agent, I found the content of the session being very relevant to my clients who are interested in subdividing their sites. The delivery of that content was very insightful and up to date. The practical information was second to none.