About Perth’s Subdivision Consultants

The Subdivision Experts are Perth’s specialist subdivision consultants – and we are here to help make your property development journey a success.

At Flynn Subdivision Experts we have studied the services market of our industry, and chosen to do things a little differently. What do we do differently?

Well, we provide all the professional services that you need, but cant find anywhere else: project and strategy advice, profitable design engineering, yield modelling, project costing and feasibility studies. We also insist on education, strategy, tax planning and financial preparation prior to starting a project. After all, you want to make the most out of a deal that you can, right?

We are a boutique development management and subdivision consultancy based in Western Australia. the company was started in 2016 by Markus and Anton Flynn, and has expertise, project focus and experience includes:

  • Medium Density infill projects

  • Character home retain, renovate and subdivide

  • High rent yielding specialist multiple and grouped dwelling complexes

  • Small and accessible dwelling infill projects

  • Urban Infill Subdivision, from 2 to 250 lots

FLYNN Subdivision Experts are professional property development and subdivision consultants who offer the missing middle in service needs for the developer. We deliver honest, third party, client focused advice and project assistance, driven by your need to invest safely and optimise project returns. We provide the expertise and resources you need to make the right choices, steer clear of problems, and remove the uncertainty from the whole process.

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Get help from Perth’s expert property development & subdivision consultants.

The Flynn Difference

Subdivision consultants that make a REAL difference.

We are the Subdivision consultants that are making a difference!

We are here to help you every step of the way of your property development journey by providing honest advice, expert guidance and project leadership. You will be in control, you will be comfortable, and you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful property developer. Working with us provides you with access to our expertise, our network of consultants and contractors, exclusive off market development opportunities, and the ability to work with the best development builders in Perth. That’s the Flynn difference.

  • We provide a wealth of information and educational products for your benefit including frequently updated articles, guidebooks, seminars and the only fully online property development course on the market covering small lot subdivision and infill development in Western Australia

  • Our network of real estate agents, buyers agents and developers allow us to monitor, source and present exclusive, off market development sites and opportunities to you for your projects. This gives you access to the right development sites in the right areas, with minimal competition, away from the stress of the open market.

  • We assist you with a methodical, process driven approach to duel diligence on every site we source for you. This ensuring we are able to identify and manage all project risks from the start, and engineer the most profitable design solution for your development before you commit to the project.

  • You will progress your project strategy and develop your designs with our assistance, with full access to our tried, tested and expert network of consultants, contractors and builders. This will help you secure the best finance solutions, design outcomes and returns for your property development projects.

  • We only use builders with a proven track record of excellence building for developers. We have different builders for different project types for you to choose from, all of them assessed and pre-qualified for value-add ability, efficiency, and financial solvency.

  • When the project is underway, we closely monitor and manage the builders performance, ensuring that budget and time frames are strictly adhered to and desired quality outcomes are achieved. All builders used are fully insured for insolvency and are rigorously prequalifed.

  • For learning purposes, we provide all of our clients access to our online education suite, and insist they take an interest in project sourcing, planning and construction activities. This allows them to make informed, educated decisions as we go, and improves their own knowledge over time.

  • We will never let a client proceed with a project that isn’t suitable or profitable. We are independent, expert property development and subdivision consultants who are appointed by you as fee for service professionals to work in your interest. We are not commission based salesmen.


What Our Customers Say

As Perth’s premier subdivision consultants, we pride ourselves on the great work we do. Don’t just believe us, see what our customers have to say!

I engaged FLYNN to assist me with my project halfway through the process. Initially I was just after some advice, however they quickly became a valuable leadership asset for my project. Frankly I bit off a bit more than I could chew, but with their guidance I am now back on track. They provided sound advice, ran a tender process for me and helped me put together a good team of contractors and consultants who worked together and didn’t rip me off. Can highly recommend learning with these guys and using their services – They are the Experts!
SAM, From Middle Swan
The Flynns looked after everything with our Kenwick subdivision.  They liaised with the water and power authorities to get the rear block properly connected, had meetings with senior Council people to clear the local government conditions and then submitted all the necessary plans and drawings. We were kept informed and got updates all the way through. They also project managed all the contractors for civil and physical work, such as designing and installing the drainage sumps, erecting new boundary fences and putting down hardstand for the new driveway to the back.  They also organised all the work to quickly renovate the existing house on the property so that we could get a tenant straight away.  They made the process seem quite easy, even though it’s quite complicated.
PETE, from Kenwick
My family engaged Flynn Subdivision Experts to manage and apply for an Application for Subdivision for our property. They were able to put a written proposal to us very promptly and this answered all our questions regarding subdivision requirements and procedures, waiting times and costs. Markus personally explained any remaining queries (and there were a few specific to our property) and clearly set out our options and the best way to progress. His business manner and that of his company is very professional, understanding and friendly and our family has great pleasure in recommending Flynn Subdivision Experts to any future clients.
LEE, from Mt Lawley
I have no hesitation in recommending Anton and Markus to my clients who are interested in subdivisions. The services provided by this subdivision expert team during the planning and constructions phases of my clients subdivision projects will undoubtedly save my clients lots of time and money.
ZANA, from Morley