FLYNN Subdivision Experts are professional property development consultants who make the property development journey easy, successful and profitable.

We have the knowledge, processes, tools & network to help you make money building lucrative development projects in Perth.

Starting a property development can seem daunting, especially because there’s so much you have to get right to make a property development project profitable.

We know you don’t want to make mistakes, and you certainly don’t want to lose money. When you think about it, your property development journey is one of the most important financial commitments you’ll make in your life.

  • Our services teach you how to be a professional property developer.

  • We give you step-by-step guidance on how to subdivide and develop residential land.

  • We help you to only commit to a profit-making property development project.

  • We guide you through the whole project, start to finish.

This means you get the right information, advice and assistance at every step of the way and ensure you only commit to profitable projects. All our customers appreciate and enjoy the benefits of our services.

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Our Services

Subdivision & Property Development Consultants


Courses & Training

Choose from our range of educational and information products to help you learn where, what and how to develop and subdivide property like an expert and make profitable project commitment decisions, including books, articles, online courses, videos and workshops.

Courses & training

Feasibility Studies

Professional feasibility investigation services remove the uncertainty and identify a development sites risks, optimum development potential and most viable design solution, that facilitates your ability to make profitable, educated investment decisions on project commitment.

Feasibility Studies

Project Advice

Start planning for a successful development with essential project activities including, development strategy consultation, finance pre-approvals, tax planning and investment vehicle set up and project consultation and advice.

Project Advice

All our customers appreciate and enjoy the benefits of our services.

Subdivision & Property Development Consultants