Feasibility Studies

Our professional subdivision feasibility study and site investigation services allow us to source unique development opportunitie for you, and then facilitate your ability to make informed, data driven decisions before committing to the property development project or purchase.


Stage 3 – Investigation

Remove the guess work and uncertainty out of developing with a professional feasibility study.

Feasibility studies allow you to make informed decisions about proceeding or withdrawing from a project before you commit to buying the site or proceeding with development. If the desired returns are not there, you avoid the costly mistake of committing to a project that will lose you money. The investigation phase is step 3 in our EPIC project process, and is probably the most important stage in the whole process. Spending the right time and effort with us on site investigation means you:

  • Only commit to profitable deals.

  • are in control of your project.

  • are able to create design solutions and yield outcomes that you wouldnt have thought of.

  • can enjoy a calm, collected process of data driven analysis and decision making.

Once a site has been identified with development potential that fits your budget and strategy parameters, it’s important to find out if you can do a profitable project with it before you finalize your commitment to purchase it.

  • What is the most feasible design solution for the site?
  • What will it cost?
  • What potential risks and issues are there with the site?
  • How much should you pay for the site?

These are essential questions that need the right answers. Getting them wrong means you risk committing to a project that doesn’t make much money, or worse, loses you money. Our site investigation services remove the guess work and the uncertainty, by helping you find unique sites, do a feasibility studies on them and make informed purchase decisions driven by data. A professional property development feasibility study entails detailed assessment of market, site condition and planning constraint data particular to the site, and then using this data to produce an optimum design solution for the site complete with detailed cost, revenue and profit forecasts.

Buying Feasibility Studies

Upon request, we can undertake a number of different feasibility study types for our clients based on requirements and chosen development strategy.

  1. Preliminary site investigation for urban infill projects so you can identify key risks and issues, and confirm development potential before you purchase a site, or commit to a project.
  2. Preliminary site investigation for urban infill projects with opinion of probable costs and/or opinion of probable returns.
  3. For multi-site developments, commercial, apartments, rural subdivisions, or more complex developments, please get in touch.

By far the easiest and best way to get the help you need is to talk to us. Tell us what stage you’re at and what you need help with. We guarantee this will save you a load of time and frustration and help steer your project in the right direction.

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Stage 3 of Building an EPIC Project

What happens at this stage?

What happens at this stage?