Medium Density Codes of WA – Online Course

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Who is this Medium Density Codes of WA course for?

The new medium density codes are a long-anticipated state government policy release, aimed at improving housing quality, diversity and affordability in the west Australian domestic market. Applying the design principles in the code will allow developers to take advantage of a raft of new infill development opportunities through the new planning controls, concessions, design deliverables and dwelling typologies within it.

Your choice to get on board now will present a once in a lifetime opportunity to be ahead of trend. If you have a sound understanding of the new Medium Density Codes and how to apply them can start sourcing, modelling and acquiring development sites that you can add value to in new and profitable ways. in undertaking this course, you will have the skills to:

  • Navigate the new planning framework and assess site yield correctly
  • Study the market for opportunities that others are not yet aware of
  • Source development sites using new dwelling typology mixes and strategies
  • become aware of key site specific design risks, before you commit to purchasing a site
  • Understand where all the new threats and opportunities are as we transition to the new MD codes and planning framework

Do you want these skills? If yes, this the course for you. In fact, you cant afford not to have these skills and the know how around the new Medium Density Code framework.

On completion of this course, you are guaranteed to have the knowledge required to achieve better outcomes with sourcing, evaluating and closing on property development deals in the medium density code infill space.

Note: This course is not for beginners. For those that are not experienced, it should be viewed as a supplemental course to the core education product suite , the infill property developer E-book and online course.


Why Medium Density?

The medium density codes of WA will be the new assessment framework for all infill development in areas with residential coding between R30 and R60 in Western Australia. This covers an enormous percentage of infill sites in the metropolitan area, particularly surrounding train stations, transport hubs and activity centres. The codes address the “missing middle” in housing diversity and affordability in WA.

The codes will provide a lot of the opportunities for developers to start making their spreadsheets stack up again, as we will be allowed to start changing what we deliver to market and how we do it. The codes provide the design principles and deemed to comply provisions for all single, grouped and multiple dwelling typologies being planned and delivered in this code bandwidth ( R30 to R60). Importantly, they deviate substantially from the old framework; they provide new concessions, variation provisions and dwelling typologies for developers to consider when determining dwelling yield and project feasibility. Getting on board now to understand what you can and cant do ahead of the pack will allow you to see and move on development opportunities that others have missed.

Note: This course is not for beginners. For those that are not experienced, it should be viewed as a supplemental course to the core education product suite , the infill property developer E-book and online course.

Course Content

***Please Download all course materials in Part 1- Interpretation****

PART 1 – Interpretation

  • Interpretation: The new State planning policy 7.3 vol 1 “the R-codes” (2023)
  • Document structure, format and sections
  • Hierarchy
  • Reading the document
  • Important definitions
  • Accompanying guidelines

PART 2 – Approval Pathways

  • Pathways for approval and assessment (plus key changes)
  • Design principles vs deemed provision assessment
  • Decision makers (local government , WAPC, JDAP)
  • Deferred gazettal definition
  • Transition arrangements
  • DPLH/WAPC position statements and application

PART 3 – Medium Density: Operational Section C

  • Medium Density Content: The new State planning policy 7.3 vol 1 “the R-codes” (2023) Part C (medium density)
  • Interface of the garden, the building and neighbourliness
  • Retained dwellings
  • Key changes: opportunities, threats ( Part C)

PART 4 – Land: Operational Section D

  • Land Content: The new State planning policy 7.3 vol 1 “the R-codes” (2023) Part D (Land)
  • Key changes: opportunities, threats ( Part D)
  • Application of planning concessions and variations
  • Variations and concessions in the new code

PART 5 – New Dwelling Typologies- value add capacity

  • Small dwellings
  • Accessible dwellings
  • Universal access standards
  • Project Feasibility: costing and valuation considerations
  • Impact on POS (public open space) contributions

PART 6 – Determining yield (practical application and case study)

  • Assessing a variety of design outcomes to determine a sites development potential
  • Massing and siting : built form driven subdivision (new process for DD)
  • new 5 step Due diligence process for MD sites
  • Case study- small lot infill

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  1. David Blatch (verified owner)

    Excellent course. Very well delivered with outstanding content. Highly recommend.

  2. Carla (verified owner)

    This course exceeded my expectations and has filled a gap of West Australian development knowledge that I needed. Julie and Anton have a relaxed yet professional presentation style with a deep understanding and experience renovating and developing. The Residential Design Codes are quite technical, yet due to the opportunity to apply the learnings to a live project post the course, I now feel I have a working knowledge of them. Thanks Julie and Anton, I can’t wait to get stuck into my first deal!

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