Property Developers Masterclass

$349.00 includes GST

This is an advanced property development masterclass training course that provides practical skills and tools for those who want to be hands on, and take responsibility for making their own success story as a property developer. To be a winner in the property development space, you want the tools and skills to:

  • Study the market for opportunities
  • Source development sites and pay the right price
  • Assess development potential quickly and correctly, arriving at the most profitable design and product solution in less than a day
  • See development potential others have missed
  • Work out all the risks and costs associated with a particular site in a matter of hours
  • Be well prepared for an offer and have some clever negotiation skills and tricks up your sleeve
  • Close on a site quickly, efficiently and on your terms when you have found a good deal.

Do you want these skills? If yes, this the course for you. On completion of this course, you are guaranteed to have professional level skills and better outcomes with sourcing, evaluating and closing on profitable property development deals.


Course Content

PART 1 – Preparation

  • Getting ready for a project- learning the method to the madness
  • Distressing Due diligence
  • Tax Planning and Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Enterprise vs Investing vs Profit Making Schemes
  • GST and the margin scheme
  • Capital gains Tax and Net profit consideration
  • Activity type impact on Lending and Finance

PART 2 – Market Analysis

  • Buyer and market segments
  • Target suburbs
  • Owner occupiers
  • Affordability
  • Comparative product analysis
  • Sourcing development sites and opportunities
  • On market vs. Off market
  • Motivated sellers vs. unmotivated sellers
  • Real estate agents (the necessary evil)
  • Buyers’ agents
  • Tools of the trade – Using RP data

PART 3 – Assessing Development Potential

  • Interpreting Planning Schemes and Policies
  • R-codes Vol 1 Table 1, and Medium Density Table B – understanding site area requirements
  • Applying variations and concessions correctly
  • Variations vs. Concessions (the difference)
  • Variations less than 5% criteria
  • Variations greater than 5% criteria
  • LG concessions and variations (LPP and LPS, look for the good and the bad fruit)
  • Special Purpose Dwellings or “Small Dwellings”
  • Common Property or Battle-axe leg? Know the rules and when to use which
  • Corner truncation
  • Site coverage (%open space)
  • Tools of the trade – Using Intramaps and online planning tools
  • Worked examples and practical application

PART 4 – Cost Estimating, Offer & Negotiation

Cost Estimating

  • Finishing specifications
  • Rate build-ups and economies of scale
  • Where to find cost data
  • Lineal meter rates
  • $/m2 rates
  • Cubic meter rates
  • $/Item
  • Rates for known statutory charges
  • Provisional sums and contingencies
  • Allowances/guestimates from previous projects
  • Tools of the trade- using excel

Offer & Negotiation

  • Definition and purpose of an offer (risk)
  • Learning about who you are negotiating with?
  • Seller’s motivation
  • The value of unknown information
  • Using clauses to your advantage
  • Being inventive with your offer/s
  • You need a line in the water to be fishing
  • Tools of the trade – terms sheet for use and reference (cut and paste conditions)

PART 5 – Doing a Feasibility Study (Practical Application)

  • Worked example using a real site
  • Start to finish process of assessing development potential, site risk analysis, costing and comparative market analysis.
  • Comprehensive Due diligence methodology and process checklist
  • Tools of the Trade- using DBYD to check servicing
  • Tools of the trade- using Intramaps and RP data to assess site risks and prepare concept overlays for costing and valuation purposes
  • Tools of the trade – using a professional feasibility excel template (yours to keep forever) to assemble a detailed costing and profit study of a development site.
  • Learn how to professionally analyse a site and assess all options in under a day with a desktop study.


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