Feasibility Study Tutorial

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This a practical 3.5-hour tutorial that provides you with a professional excel template for feasibility studies, and then shows you how to use it by dressing down a real project site. We will assess development potential together, look at all the site risks, do comparative market analysis, add costings together and show you how to derive a sites residual value. Learn how to use this powerful tool like a pro and make the magic happen! You will learn:

  • How to assess development potential quickly and correctly, arriving at the most profitable design and product solution in less than a day
  • How to see development potential others have missed
  • How to work out all the risks associated with a particular site in a matter of hours
  • How to work out what you can offer
  • How to close on a site quickly, efficiently and on your terms when you have found a good deal

Do you want these skills? If yes, this the tutorial for you.

Note– this tutorial builds on core knowledge from the eBooks, Infill Developer and/or Masterclass online education products. A basic knowledge of planning framework and feasibility considerations is recommended.


Course Content

  • Worked example using a real site
  • Start to finish process of assessing development potential, site risk analysis, costing and comparative market analysis.
  • Comprehensive Due diligence methodology and process checklist
  • Tools of the Trade – using DBYD to check servicing
  • Tools of the trade – using Intramaps and RP data to assess site risks and prepare concept overlays for costing and valuation purposes
  • Tools of the trade – using a professional feasibility excel template (yours to keep forever) to assemble a detailed costing and profit study of a development site.
  • Learn how to professionally analyse a site and assess all options in under a day with a desktop study.

NOTE – Example used (and the planning framework assessed/tools used) are for a development site in Western Australia. The planning assessment component of the tutorial will have the most relevance for those looking to develop a site in WA.

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  1. mikolaj.ewert

    Super useful case study. It shows all process from start to finish with real example and numbers.

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