[Online Course] The Infill Property Developer: Small lot Subdivision and Development in Western Australia

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Have you been looking for a property development course that comprehensively teaches you all the specifics of how to subdivide and develop property successfully and maximise profits? Well this is it – a fully online course that teaches you everything you need to know from A to Z on infill property development in Western Australia. This course is suitable if you :

  • want to learn all the relevant information before you get started to remove the uncertainty and risk of making costly mistakes,
  • are poor of time during the week, or cant give up your weekends for class based courses,
  • want further explanations and deeper understanding that you are getting out of our articles and the Infill property Developer E- book
  • want to do a project all by yourself, but need the flexibility and time to learn what to do at your own pace, as you go.
  • are ready for some templates and tutorials on professional feasibility studies and project management, because its time to put principle into practice.

If you answered yes to any of these, this is the course for you. In total there are 16 learning modules and tutorials covered in 18 videos, typically between 1-2 hours each. Each module correlates to chapters in the Infill Property Developer E-Book and the correlating Infill Development Techical Guide for WA. The tutorials apply theory by providing access to feasibility spreadsheet templates and project scheduling tools and showing you how to use them on your own projects. By taking this course, you will get all the answers, information and tools you need to make the right choices and avoid mistakes on your property development journey. Best of all, unlike a classroom based course, all the material and lectures are yours to keep and refer to in future, forever.


This is a fully online property development training course, that compliments the foundations laid in the Infill Property Developer E-Book and the correlating Infill Development Techical Guide for WA. The course is logically structured into 14 online learning modules to educate you in greater detail about small lot subdivision and suburban infill development in Western Australia.

Each module consists of a powerpoint presentation and discussion in which topics and themes from correlating e-Book chapters are explored further with in depth explanations, examples and expert advice. Where appropriate, external industry professionals have been invited to contribute to the module discussions and share their expertise. Each module is typically between 1-2 hours of listening and viewing time, with slides and text provided for note-taking and future reference. The modules covered are:

  1. Development Strategy and Principles
  2. Taxation and Accounting
  3. Finance
  4. Development instruments and processes
  5. Statutory Compliance: State Planning
  6. Statutory Compliance: Local Planning
  7. Design Concessions and Variations
  8. Site Acquisition
  9. Feasibility Studies
  10. Feasibility Considerations
  11. Subdivision Applications (land development component)
  12. Design, Tender and Construct (dwelling development component)
  13. Title Production
  14. Sales and Marketing

In addition, there is a bonus set of “Tools of the Trade” tutorials at the end of the course module progression , where you are provided with templates and shown how to use them. This will allow you to put theory into practice and apply what you have learnt to your own projects. These tools and activities are:

  • how to use feasibility excel spreadsheets (simplified version and underwriting version),
  • dissecting a WAPC decision letter and creating a simplified project schedule (using microsoft excel) and
  • using software to create a project program (Gantt chart using Gantt Project).

These tutorials will provide you with essential due diligence and project management skills and tools for use in the real world on your own projects.

This course is essential if you want to avoid costly mistakes on your own projects and become a successful small lot infill property developer. The course is designed to be accessible, affordable, flexible, and above all to provide all the information you need in the one place for ease of use.

3 reviews for [Online Course] The Infill Property Developer: Small lot Subdivision and Development in Western Australia

  1. Cameron Slater

    I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get into property developing in Perth. The course not only comes with up to date Perth specific information, you also meet an outstanding group of people who practice what they preach. The training and education I have received through the Flynn group has been instrumental in commencing my career in property developing. You will not be disappointed!

  2. Bronwyn Moore (verified owner)

    great content, very technical and thorough !

  3. mikolaj.ewert (verified owner)

    I purchased this course as a beginner interested in learning about property development. This course is absolutely a cracker! Goes through all the important topics and teaches all basics that you need to know if you want to get into the property development game. Highly recommend, well worth the money if you want to start up and looking for information! Anton and Marcus sound really knowledgeable and experienced in the subject.

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