Project Preparation


Stage 2 – Preparation

Determine your budget, the right tax structure, and development strategy.

Our project preparation services form the second stage of Building an EPIC Project and include, development strategy consultation, finance pre-approvals, tax planning, investment set up, and acquisition brief preparation for sourcing premium off market development sites.

Once you have all the information and education you need on how, what and where to develop property and have a comfortable understanding of costs, processes and strategies, its time to start preparing yourself to tackle a project. What can you develop? Where are you going to develop? What strategy should you use? We help you get answers to all these questions during this stage of the process.

During the preparation stage, we need to determine your budget, the right tax structure, and best development strategy for you. We need to do this important preparation work because it will guide the type and size of project you are able to do and determine where we will be looking for your project site.

Completing these project planning activities is particularly important because they allow you to:

  • Work out the most profitable development strategy for your circumstances.

  • Assemble a project brief and budget.

  • Get finance approvals and tax planning in order before you get started on your project.

  • Prepare a cash flow model to see what impact cost expenditure will have on your lifestyle for project duration.

  • Get assistance determining the most profitable development strategy on a site you already own.

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Stage 2 of Building an EPIC Project

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