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Stage 4 – Construction

Build and complete your subdivision development on-time and on-budget.

Our property development project management and delivery services are the last stage of Building an EPIC project and include, design & planning approvals, building brokerage, contractor sourcing, finance approval, scheduling, cost & variation management, build superintendence and project management.

Once you have settled on a project site and determined the most feasible design solution for it, it’s time for us to turn our attention to project delivery to ensure we deliver and enjoy an EPIC project experience.

By this stage you have spent a lot of time, effort and money engineering the most profitable design solution for this site. You now have a design deliverable and profit target, so it is critical to the success of the project that you are careful who you choose to deliver your project, and how the delivery is managed. If you don’t you will quickly become frustrated with the whole process. The project can run late, you can lose pre-sales, costs can blow out, profit margins will dwindle and the whole experience will become very unpleasant.

We help you avoid an unpleasant experience with our construction and project delivery services. At this stage of the process, we assist with appointing and managing reputable, experienced and pre-qualified contractors and builders that are the right fit for your project type and budget.

Our assistance in bringing the right people together for your project will ensure unnecessary delays and compromises can be avoided, and costs can be controlled to maintain forecast profit expectations.

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Stage 4 of Building an EPIC Project

What happens at this stage?

What happens at this stage?