What are the R Codes and how do they effect me?

The R-Codes are the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia, also known as state planning policy 7.3 volume 1. It is the principle document which guides low and medium density residential planning and development in the state of Western Australia. All developments much achieve the standards outlined in the R-Codes (lot sizes [...]

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Who approves my subdivision application?

The West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) administers and approves/rejects all survey strata and green title Subdivision applications. Your local council (local government) is consulted during the application process by the WAPC as a stakeholder regarding conditions they would like imposed as part of the conditional approval process. They are not however, the [...]

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How much does it cost to subdivide property?

Costs can only be definitively calculated after the Form 1A (conditional Approval) is lodged and the WAPC has given us the conditions for approval- these conditions will drive project scope moving forward, and determine the work to be done.  Some of these costs require production of drawings (planning phase), which allow us to accurately [...]

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What is Survey Strata?

Survey strata applications are a common type of subdivision application used for small lot subdivisions as an alternative to freehold title creation (green title) . Survey strata provides more flexibility in lot sizing because Common Property can be used, and a reduction in development cost because of a potential for shared services [...]

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How long does property subdivision take?

At FLYNN, we encourage thorough planning and realistic expectations for project delivery. Here is the process in a nutshell: After the initial survey, planning and application the West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has 3 months to reach a verdict on a Form 1A subdivision application and issue conditions for approval. This is issued in a [...]

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Can I subdivide my property?

The subdivision potential of your land and how/if you can subdivide will be determined by the following: The zoning(allowable use) and density coding of your property on your Local Government or Councils “Local Scheme Map”, and subsequently your ability to meet relevant requirements in the State governments Residential Design Codes and the [...]

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What is the benefit of subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of developing and titling new lots over an existing parent lot of land. The number of lots created will be affected by the size of the parent lot in question, statutory planning provisions and project finance constraints.  The end product is parcels of land you can sell for [...]

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