The R-Codes are the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia, also known as state planning policy 7.3 volume 1. It is the principle document which guides low and medium density residential planning and development in the state of Western Australia. All developments much achieve the standards outlined in the R-Codes (lot sizes etc) as a minimum, if proposed subdivision or development is to be approved by the appropriate decision making authority (WAPC or Local government) .

The R Codes are the basic framework all developments must comply with. Developments must also comply with provisions of Local Planning Policies and Schemes. Local Government is empowered to modify and supplement some of the performance requirements in the R-codes (as outlines in section 7 of those codes in Volume 1) . So they may exceed or reduce requirements of the R-codes.  All enquiries relating to interpretation of provisions of the R-Codes must be directed to the relevant local government where the development proposal is located. There is more detailed information on the application of the R-Codes and how they effect subdivision and development on the Subdividing Land in Western Australia page of our website. State and Local government planning policies and their application, including the R-codes, are also covered in greater detail across several chapters of the 225 page Infill Property Developer Guidebook.