Survey strata applications are a common type of subdivision application used for small lot subdivisions as an alternative to freehold title creation (green title) . Survey strata provides more flexibility in lot sizing because Common Property can be used, and a reduction in development cost because of a potential for shared services and access.

Subdivided lots are created under the Strata Titles Act and are known as ‘survey strata’. Note the following important considerations;

  • All lots on the survey strata can have their own drive and access way if there is sufficient space to do so during design, or share a driveway for access. Shared driveways are “Common Property”. This will be its own lot under the survey strata plan. All owners of property on the survey strata using the driveway will be equally liable to contributions for maintenance and upkeep.
  • Properties on survey strata may be subject to rules and regulations regarding things like appearance, design and height depending on the relevant Local Government Authority where the property is situated.
  • It is also possible for a single connection to be shared for utilities, such as sub-metering or shared connections for water, sewer and power. This can save significant costs when looking at 3+ lot developments.
  • It is a myth that you need need to build the same as your neighbour on survey strata titles or need to seek your neighbours permission to build what you want. The only time this will be necessary is if you  are proposing a design feature that deviates from the R-code or relevant local planning policy provisions (as with any normal development application).

You can learn the specifics about survey strata titling, design and how services can be shared in great detail in the 225 page Infill Developer Guidebook.