Site Acquisition for Subdivisions and Property Developments

FLYNN Subdivision Experts can help you with property development site acquisition. Sourcing the right project site means paying the right price for the right project at the start, and is the key to making a profit. With so many development potential sites on the market at any one time in Perth, it is important to use professional help. Engage us to assist you to find the good ones, make conditional offers subject to due diligence, perform detailed feasibility studies and negotiate the right price for you. For a successful project acquisition, it is our offer to work with you from the very beginning, starting with tax planning, finance pre-approvals, budget setting and development strategy discussion. This then allows us to make well informed offers on sites within your budget and to assist you with the due diligence and the site acquisition negotiations. By helping you prepare for success early on, the project acquisition process is much easier and more likely to be successful.

project acquisition

Project Acquisition

What Happens When You Use Professional Site Acquisition Services

  • Pre-acquisition tax planning and project structure advice form an expert property tax advisor
  • finance assessment and approval through an expert development finance professional
  • Budget, goal setting and strategy discussions to guide project acquisition parameters
  • Property sourcing and shortlisting through network of real estate and buyers agents
  • Professional assistance with offer negotiations, terms and due diligence
  • Professional feasibility studies during conditional offer and acceptance period to guide your decision to proceed or withdraw from the property acquisition

What You Will Get By Using Professional Site Acquisition Services

  • Professional tax and financial advice and preparation before you start, to optimise project success and return on investment
  • Expert input and advice into development potential , site constraints and design possibilities 
  • Detailed market research and data driven site acquisition, not purely budget driven
  • professional assistance with feasibility studies and modelling to guide decision making 
  • Access to off market sites and the ability to negotiate accordingly
  • Expert negotiation assistance with price and sales contract conditions
  • Ability to make an offer based on detailed development cost, revenue and profit forecasts, not just development potential
  • Professional guidance and assistance that reduces costly errors and mistakes from the start
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