Practical Skills Day Course: Planning & Designing Successful Developments

Practical Skills Day Course: Planning & Designing Successful Developments

$399.00 includes GST

A full day property development course to give you the practical skills and technical expertise needed to make an expert assessment of a property’s development potential and overall project feasibility. This course will help you to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes in your own developments and subdivisions.
  • Develop expert knowledge to assist your interactions with industry professionals.
  • Find deals that make money on your own and become a full time real-estate developer.
  • Know what is required by council and utility providers.
  • Acquire the technical expertise to properly analyse a sites development potential, constrains and costs.
  • Save money on feasibility studies by doing them yourself.


14th MARCH 2020, 9am to 4pm OR
16TH MAY 2020, 9am to 4pm

You will be contacted after purchase to confirm which course date you wish to enrol in. 

VENUE: Suite 4/116 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA 6000




Course Syllabus

Part 1. Principles and Strategy

  • Understand the concept of property development and the concurrent or staged use of subdivision, refurbishment and/or dwelling construction in the development strategy matrix.
  • Understanding of different types of subdivision titling instruments – Built Strata, Green Title and Built Strata and their impact on design and funding of development.
  • Understand of the importance of market research and comparative market analysis to guide design and feasibility.
  • Understanding of profitable design principles and how to incorporate these into overall development planning.

Part 2. Feasibility Considerations

Gain a detailed understanding of site data considerations that will impact a potential developments cost and design, inclusive of:

  • Site features/shape/geography/location
  • Soil classification and bearing capacity and the impact this will have on drainage and earthworks
  • ASS (acid sulphate soils) and the impact on earthworks costs
  • Site slope and contours and the impact on retaining, drainage and earthworks
  • Restrictive easements and covenants
  • Bushfire Prone Areas and their impact on planning and design (AS3959)
  • Utility headwork’s scope and access costs (Western Power and Watercorp)
  • Retained dwellings in subdivisions

Part 3. Planning and Statutory Compliance

  • Understanding of the process of a WAPC subdivision, including application process, planning and delivery for Survey Strata and Green Title developments.
  • Understanding of how to interpret Performance Requirements and apply Deemed to Comply Provisions in the Residential Design Codes (SPP7.3 vol 1).
  • Understand the impact of Local Government Scheme text Provisions and Planning Policies, including Dual Coded areas and their effect on development potential, design and costs.
  • Understanding of how to apply the various design concessions and variations available to a subdivision or development proposal

Part 4. Feasibility Studies and Analysis

  • Understand and comprehend non-physical cost considerations inclusive of Market Conditions, Cost of Capital, Tax Considerations and Holding costs, and incorporate them into overall project design and feasibility.
  • Understand the concept of residual land value and be able to derive this from a completed feasibility excel spreadsheet.
  • Understand how to assemble a feasibility study, including the collation and manipulation of input data to provide an indicative ROI for a Project Feasibility Study.

Course-book, Morning and Afternoon tea provided.


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