One-on-One Coaching and Consulting

One-on-One Coaching and Consulting

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Are you feeling a little lost or don’t know where to find an answer to a problem? For ad-hoc assistance on property development journey, you can engage us on an hourly rate basis, for a bit of coaching, training or general project advice. This is the perfect next step or ongoing support solution for you if you are working through or have finished the e-Book/online course and have specific questions, want to learn more, or need a professional consultants help applying what you have learnt to your own developments. Sometimes its helpful to get an experts opinion to put you on the right track, or get you back on track!

And that’s what we are here to do, by providing the option of flexible, pay as you go coaching, advice and consultation. This is to help keep you on target to reach your goals, and stay in control of your project if you are getting a bit uncertain at some step of the way. Simply select the time you need with an expert from the menu options, proceed to payment, and you will be contacted by us within 24 hours to arrange a consultation time. So if your stuck don’t stress, just book an hour or two, and lets help you fix your problems!

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For those who wish to continue improving their property developer skill-set, flexible, pay as you go hourly rate coaching, training or project consultation is available for purchase and booking.

Time can be purchased by the hour, or in larger discounted quantities (the hours purchased in large quantities do not need to be used in one sitting).

These sessions are ideal for :

  • those who are working through or have finished the e-Book and/or online course and have questions about specific module or chapter content.
  • those who are working through or have finished the e-Book and/or online course and want to learn more or are having difficulty understanding certain concepts/content.
  • those who need assistance using templates or applying what they have learnt to their own projects.
  • those requiring one off general advice or review of their project to ensure they are on track, haven’t missed anything and aren’t about to make any costly mistakes.
  • those who may not be interested in the entire online course or e-Book because they only want some specific guidance or tuition in one area that is better suited to one-on-one coaching
  • those that want flexible, regular catchups to review where they are at in their learning journey and/or projects and to keep them on track.

You will be contacted by telephone or email within 24 hours of online purchase by one of our consultants to arrange your first one-on-one session.

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