Get Started Building an EPIC Project

The EPIC project is a methodical 4-stage process we use to make profitable developments happen. Each step is one piece of the puzzle that fits together to provide all the answers you need to make subdivision & property development easy, successful and profitable.

property development training


Choose from our range of educational and information products to help you learn where, what and how to develop and subdivide property like an expert and make profitable project commitment decisions, including books, articles, online courses and videos, workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

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procurement stage


Start planning for a successful development with the essential project procurement activities, including development strategy consultation, finance pre-approvals, tax planning and investment vehicle set up and the sourcing of premium development sites to investigate for your next project.

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investigation stage


Professional feasibility investigation services remove the uncertainty and identify a development sites risks, optimum development potential and most viable design solution, that facilitates your ability to make profitable, educated investment decisions on project commitment.

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construction stage


Integrated project delivery services to get your development to completion on time and on budget, including design and planning approvals, building brokerage, contractor sourcing, finance approval, scheduling, cost and variation management, build superintendence and project management.

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