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Development and Subdivision Services


Feasibility Study

  • Forecast potential revenues

  • Undertake a development that will meet real demand in the market and sell fast

  • Ensure Local and State Government compliance to avoid headaches and surprises

  • Make sure there are no errors or surprises on the certificate of title before you buy

  • Know where and if sewer, water and power are available

  • See what the development will look like

  • Find out what the development will cost

  • Find out if the project is profitable

What you will get:


  • Market Research

  • Town Planning Reporting

  • Lot particulars and cadastre information

  • DBYD information (service locations)

  • Feature and Contour survey

  • Preliminary Lot overlays and/or Dwelling Sketches

  • Preliminary Engineering

  • Soil reporting

  • Feasibility Spreadsheets and project costings providing an indicative Return on Investment

  • Preliminary Project Schedule

Subdivision Application

  • Ensure Local and State Government compliance to avoid headaches and surprises

  • Fast turn around

  • Single point of contact

  • Expertise ensures applications compliant

  • Designs that maximise yield and profits

  • Ensure Local and State Government design compliance to avoid rejection

  • Expert opinion and knowledge to apply successful variations to lot sizes if required

What you will get:

  • Feature and contour survey

  • Draft overlays of lot sizes and revisions

  • Form 1A application the WAPC

  • All other Necessary accompanying planning documents (C.O.T, BAL assessments, ASS documents, Variation justifications)

  • Review and discussion prior to lodgement

Building Development Tender Process

  • No conflict with local government after final designs

  • Designing products for which there is demand in the market

  • Full design ownership

  • Flexibility to change designs progressively based on costings and consultant feedback

  • Design optimised though our process to deliver best possible outcome on end sale price and construction cost for the client

  • Lower upfront costs

  • Staged contracts

  • Competitive, fixed price construction contracts

  • End to end service with one point of contact

What you will get:


  • Preliminary town planning investigation

  • Comparative market analysis

  • Staged architectural design process

  • Builder tender and price review

  • Final DA submission and approval

  • Fixed price construction contract preparation and award

  • Expert guidance and negotiation throughout

  • Superintendence (if required)

  • Title production at the end

Subdivision Project Planning

  • Professional correspondence with council and utility providers to accurately scope all work required to clear all conditions of the WAPC decision letter so there are no mistakes

  • Design submissions that get approvals!

  • Preparation of a professional works schedule ensure the fastest possible project completion

  • Works schedule to show you what needs to happen, when its happening and who is doing the task

  • Competitive pricing in a controlled environment

  • Best value for money – We provide you with quotes from reputable trades for your subdivision, and you then pay them directly with no markups! 

What you will get:


  • Expert interpretation of all decision letter conditions from local government, western power, watercorp and other stakeholders

  • Break down of all conditions into specific work items and tasks (scope)

  • Engineering, servicing and design drawings and mark-ups for Utility applications, local government approval and tendering (costing)

  • Develop a Project schedule for all works items   

  • Works packages and Tender process to price all subdivision site works   

  • Professional engineering, design and service agreement documents that provide cost effective, compliant designs

Project Management

  • Professional Project manager reduces risk of problems and errors.

  • Keeps the project on time and on budget

  • Single point of contact for project completion for peace of mind

  • Management of all project works, contractors, communications and documentation to ensure everything is done correctly and on time so there are no delays and added costs

  • Have a delegated representative on the ground if you are unavailable and time poor

  • Reduce stress and uncertainty

What you will get:


  • Programming of works in the works schedule

  • Ongoing management of all contractors and consultants

  • Site visits and inspections

  • Management of project documents and communications

  • Ongoing liaison with all local and state government bodies on you behalf

  • Ongoing liaison with all utility providers and their requirments on you behalf

Clearances and Title Production

  • No errors and mistakes

  • Titles produced fast and efficiently

  • Guidance and support throughout the process

  • Coordinate the process to make it easy

What you will get:


  • creation and collection of certificates of clearance from all stakeholders

  • Lodgement of application for final clearance (FORM 1C) to the WAPC

  • Submission of approved lot plans to Landgate up to in order for dealings 

  • Professional coordination of the release and production of titles from Landgate

Built Strata Applications and Productions

  • All council requirements professionally managed and dealt with

  • Easy and hassle free surveying and title production with one point of contact for the entire process

  • Have a delegated representative on the ground if you are unavailable and time poor

  • Reduce stress and uncertainty with professional help for zero errors and delay

  • we coordinate the builder, the private building surveyor, landgate and the council for you

What you will get:


  • Complete management of built strata application for titles process with local government.

  • private building certification BA18,

  • valuation FORM 3,

  • bank and settlement agent management

  • Landgate application or title release

  • local government BA application,

  • builder BA7 certificate

  • Licensed Surveyor prepared subdivision strata plan and lodgement

Pro-rata Hourly Consulting

  • Pay as you go

  • No lock in contracts

  • Flexibility

  • Fast response to problems

  • Reduce errors and mistakes

  • Provide some guidance if you are managing your own development and are having problems or feeling lost

  • Review of your feasibility to check the "deal" before you make an offer or get started

  • provide Project Management if you are too busy or have to go away for period of time mid project

What you will get:


  • Hourly Consulting or mentoring

  • Design and document review

  • Pro-rata project management

  • Expert opinion and advice to reduce errors and mistakes

  • Design and document review

  • Project management on call


Feasibility Studies

Project Management

Subdivision Applications

Clearances and Title production

Building Development Tender Process

Built Strata Applications



Pro-Rata Consulting

Subdivision Costs and Feasibility Studies

What does it cost to subdivide in Perth, WA?

There are a lot of inputs to consider for proper feasibility than simply subdivision costs.

Perth has many development opportunities for infill development- what does it cost is just one part of the question you should be asking. Is it going to be profitable is more important.

Many people do not know whether "the deal"  they are looking at is actually profitable however. Their research stops at development potential and costs, with little regard for other crucial data. Professional developers conduct feasibility studies and diligence reporting before they start a project to make sure it is profitable.

To conduct a proper feasibility study you will need to research:

  1. what your project scope is

  2.  what will the subdivision cost (and building costs if you're considering that also)

  3. what the potential revenue of the end product is

  4. consider other development costs (like tax's, duties, rates and interest)


It is essential to find out that a subdivision will make sufficient financial return before you start the project. Finding out that you are running a loss making project half way through is upsetting for all involved.


To execute a profitable development or subdivision in Western Australia requires time and research to put together the best development strategy and design. This is done with a feasibility study.

Our Feasibility Studies are a combination of any number of the following research items:

  • strategy consultations for budgeting, scope analysis and goal setting

  • surveying, lot overlay and preliminary dwelling design 

  • preliminary geotechnical and civil engineering investigation

  • estimation of all construction and subdivision costs

  • Perth Local government planning requirements investigation specific to the site (town planning report)

  • comparative market analysis to guide design and revenue forecasting,

  • feasibility review workshops for option analysis and decision making.

This data from the study allows us to profit engineer the best possible design solution and make informed decisions about how, when and if to commence a project.

For further reading, there is an informative article on our blog about specific subdivision costs.

This BLOG article is available by following this link.