Professional project management services for property developers

The property development project manager you choose to appoint will be the key driver behind a successful project. Flynn Subdivision Experts can provide professional project management services for your property development and subdivision projects, ensuring the coordination of project resources and timely project delivery. Project leadership and responsibility drive our project management service offering, and is what we now offer to your project. Engage us to provide expert project management services and we will guide your property development from start to finish, professionally and efficiently. This will save you time, energy, frustration, and the possibility of you making costly mistakes.

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Project Management

What Happens When You Engage a Professional Property Development Project Manager

Engaging a professional property development project manager :

  • Reduces the risk of major problems and errors
  • Keeps the project on time and on budget
  • provides a single point of contact for project completion for peace of mind
  • sees to the management of all project works, contractors, communications and documentation to ensure everything is done correctly and on time so there are no delays and added costs
  • allows you to have a delegated representative on the ground if you are unavailable and time poor
  • reduces your stress and uncertainty if you do not have expertise or experience in the field of property development or subdivision

What You Will Get By Engaging a Professional Property Development Project Manager

  • Project works programming and scheduling
  • Ongoing management of all contractors and consultants
  • Site visits and inspections
  • Management of project documents, applications and communications
  • Ongoing liaison with all local and state government bodies on you behalf
  • Ongoing liaison with all utility providers and their requirements on you behalf
  • Risk management, project cost monitoring and reporting
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