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Doing property development and subdivision properly means doing a property development feasibility study before you purchase or start a project. It means looking beyond simple development potential for a site and researching what product there is actually demand for in the market, so you have a product you can actually sell and will make a profit out of.  A professional property development feasibility study entails detailed assessment of the market, site conditions and planning constraints particular to the site. This study will then be used to produce a data driven, profitable design solution for the site, with detailed cost, revenue and profit forecasts. Every site and project in Perth is different – we invite you to partner with FLYNN for professional assistance with you property development feasibility studies to avoid costly mistakes and optimise your returns.

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Feasibility Studies

What Happens When I Commission a Property Development Feasibility Study?

Undertaking a detailed feasibility study is important. The research and data analysis process allows us to:

  • Research the local market conditions to determine which dwelling types meet real demand in the market and sell fast
  • Research and Ensure Local and State Government planning compliance to avoid headaches and surprises
  • Identify serious site constraint sand project risk items
  • Know where and if sewer, water, power and other services are available
  • Formulate some preliminary research driven designs for the site, to see what the finished development will look like
  • Forecast potential development revenue, costs and profits with accuracy, based of the preliminary designs
  • Find out if the project is profitable before getting started or committing lots of money to the project

What You Will Get in Your Property Development Feasibility Study

Based on the size, location and type of the development, the feasibility study appropriate for a site can comprise any number of the following :

  • Market Research
  • Town Planning investigation and compliance Reporting
  • DBYD information (service locations)
  • Feature and Contour survey
  • Preliminary Lot overlays and/or Dwelling designs and costings
  • Preliminary civil Engineering design and costings
  • Soil classification and reporting
  • Valuations and revenue forecasting
  • Feasibility modelling and providing an indicative Return on Investment
  • Preliminary project finance assessments
  • Preliminary Project Scheduling and programming

Get in Contact with us to discuss your project particulars so we can assess which data is appropriate to compile and assess for your project’s feasibility study.

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