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Learn about Subdividing land in Perth online

FLYNN are pleased to announce our NEW property development courses online!
These consist of tutorials, that are between 10 and 30 minutes in length and facilitate self paced learning. 

Tutorials are broken down into thematic topics, educating you on elements of subdivision costs, time frames, planning requirements and processes that are relevant to property development in Western Australia.

Tutorials cover theoretical content and where possible worked examples are provided to illustrate applications of theory discussed.


There is a FREE intro Video to get you started-

"The 7 Steps to Successful Property Development"

Types of Subdivision -

Green title, Survey Strata and Built Strata

Which is the right type of subdivision for you?

Learn about the differences between Green title, Survey Strata and Built strata. You will learn about the pro's and cons of different servicing requirements, costs and financing constraints. Learn how to choose the right instrument for your development.

Understanding the The R-codes -

What you need to know

Learn about the R-codes and how they effect your development.

This tutorial provides an overview of how to read the R-codes, performance requirements for your developments, which sections are relevant to you and the minimum standards your proposed development needs to comply with.

Planning Concessions and Variations for your Subdivision

( 5% rule, corner lots, etc)

An overview of the  following design concessions and variations, and importantly WHEN and HOW to use them:

  • 5% Rule

  • Corner Truncations

  • DC2.2 Corner Lots

  • Battleaxe R-code Concessions

  • Single Bed and Aged-care/independent dwelling concessions

  • Local Planning Scheme Text and Policy concessions.

Local Government Requirements

and Dual Coding (ie R20/40)

The Local Government area you are developing in will have planning and policy considerations that will impact your proposal. You need to consider provisions in:

  • The Local Scheme Text

  • Local Planning Policies

  • Structure and Precinct Plans

  • Developer Co-contribution schemes

  • Dual Coded areas

This tutorial teaches you how local government planning regulations will impact your subdivision. You will learn what to look out for - sometimes the council policies help and sometimes they hinder!

Subdivision Site-works Cost Components

Learn about the site-works required for your development.

This will be the major cost component of your development, so it is important to understand what you need to do

(engineering, earthworks, site clearing, retaining, drainage).

You will also learn about identifying soil classification and and site slope, and their impact on cost.

Utilities and Servicing Requirements -

Western Power and Watercorp

An overview of the fundamental servicing requirements for subdividing land in WA, in particular sewer, water and power.

Learn how to find your utility location information, what the utility provider will do, what you need to to, and what costs are involved.

Subdividing in Bushfire Prone Areas

Learn how to identify if your property is in a designated "Bushfire Prone Area" and the ramifications this will have for your development .

You will learn about the different Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings, how they are given (BAL assessments) and the impact your BAL rating will have on your application and costs.

Retained Dwellings in Subdivisions-

Upgrade requirements

Learn about the R-code Compliance upgrade requirements you will need to perform in order to retain a dwelling in a retain and build or retain and subdivide development. Topics covered include:

  • Parking

  • Landscaping

  • Storm water management

  • Outdoor living 

  • Storage and clothes drying facilities

  • External appearance

  • Open space

  • Fencing and Boundary setback requirements

Are you interested in a course or seminar?

FLYNN also run evening seminars and day courses.

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