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Property Development Courses and Training

For aspiring and experienced developers alike, FLYNN runs property development courses and seminars to educate people on subdivisions costs, time-frames and processes in Perth and Western Australia. Our Courses focus on teaching technical aspects about subdivision strategies, processes and residential property development with a hands on approach. Our courses are open to persons of all experience levels.


To supplement the seminars and classroom group learning, we also offer one on one mentoring as a flexible alternative to classroom learning.

Online Tutorials are also available for those who require more flexibility and prefer a self paced style of learning.

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Subdivision Seminars, Courses and Mentoring


How to Make Residential Developments 'Stack Up' in the Current Market



Upcoming dates:

Tuesday 15th October

Come for an evening discussion with industry experts, providing an overview of the following:

  • An update of the Perth property market from detailed data analysis

  • Learn where we are buying and why

  • The types of deals we are assembling and the the strategy behind them

  • Why these types of deals and this approach is the best solution in the current market

  • The current lending climate for developers: becoming familiar and comfortable with commercial lending.

  • Real examples to illustrate acquisition and execution strategy


Presentations will be given by speakers from Subdivision Experts, Lachlan Delahunty from property analysis group PPA and a no bull-dust lending overview from experienced commercial lending broker Rick Gherardi from Sicuro Finance Group.


"I liked the explanation of the R-Codes and battle-axe blocks. Speaker was really informative"





Upcoming dates:

29th June 2019

Corporate Group Bookings available

Contact Markus for more information (0403984155)  or

  • Gain the know-how to avoid costly mistakes in your own developments and subdivisions

  • Develop expert knowledge to assist your interactions with industry professionals

  • Find deals that make money on your own – become a full time real-estate developer!

  • Know what is required by council and utility providers 

  • Acquire the technical expertise to properly analyse a sites development potential, constrains and costs

  • Save money on feasibility studies by doing them yourself

Download and view the course syllabus and learning outcomes online

Are you interested in online tutorials?

FLYNN also have online tutorials for self paced learning as an alternative to classroom based learning.

To learn more about these and enrolment, click on the link below.