FLYNN Subdivision Experts are professional property development consultants and managers who will make your property development journey easy, successful and profitable.

Perth, a city with property development consulltants

Perth has many development opportunities and to make the most of them, you need to bring together the right project team who can formulate the best strategy for you. The cornerstones of our service offering are:


We focus on thorough due diligence and feasibility modelling before you start a project, so we can engineer the most profitable design solution and strategy for you. Because of this approach, FLYNN Subdivision Experts are Perth’s top property development consultant firm that actively assists you to maximise returns from property development in Western Australia.


Organisation and planning a projects’ delivery is the key to its success. We facilitate successful projects for you by employing a methodical, value adding property development process. When you partner with us, we’re here to help you every step of the way with open, honest advice and a passion to drive your project to success -you’ll learn how the experts get it done and improve your returns.


Flynn Subdivision Experts are a dynamic team of property development consultants and professionals who themselves are active property developers in Perth. We work closely with you to bring together the right design solution and the right people for your project. This ensures only profitable projects are started by our clients, making them the most successful property developers in Perth.

you need a a property development management consultancy guide throughout process

From start to finish

You’ll get guidance throughout the whole subdivision & property development process from an expert property development consultant team

We can help guide you through the whole process of subdivision and property development. Read more about how our development management processes help from start to finish of property development.

Development Management

What We Provide

Expert Property Development Consultant Services for Perth Developers

Get assistance with project acquisition activities, including development strategy, finance, tax planning, and sourcing development sites.

Commission professional feasibility studies that include preliminary research, design, data collation, costing, revenue and profit forecasting.

Get assistance with project planning activities like surveying, town planning, design, subdivision and development applications.

Choose from a range of educational products, including books, online courses and videos, seminars, workshops, and mentoring.

Engage a professional development manager to project manage your subdivision or property development for peace of mind.

Engage one of our expert property development consultants for ad-hoc assistance with your projects.

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