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Subdivision Process WA


Investigating a property's development potential is the first step in the subdivision process. WA has its own subdivision rules, different to the rest of Australia. Subdividing land is a costly and  complex process, and you want to get it right. You may have a family home or investment property you wish to subdivide, a commercial property you wish to develop further, or you may be in the market to purchase a property to subdivide as a first time developer. Some preliminary investigations and cost estimating needs to be done to give you an overall idea of the total project cost, a forecast of revenue, and if there is sufficient profit in the difference. The process is important - it helps you to understand what return you are targeting and how much money you will need to fund the development.

To help all of our clients, FLYNN provide development feasibility reporting and investigation services. These reports gather information that allows us to determine the best design and project strategy, scope and collate some cost estimates relevant to the development. Package and custom feasibility studies and consultations are available for booking and purchase here​.


The next step once we have a feasible subdivision project and have settled on a design/strategy is to begin the application process. FLYNN will perform a feature survey and draft a concept subdivision overlay for the development. We will submit these with a subdivision application, also known as a “form 1A”, to the West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) on your behalf, showing the proposed number of lots your project is intending to create and where it will be created. FLYNN's concept survey plan and design will be done in consultation with you. More information on these here.


The West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is the chief decision maker for for all land development applications in Perth. The WAPC will pass your application to Stakeholders (Utility providers, Local government, Main roads, etc) for comment and recommendations. This is an important step in the subdivision process - WA local government authorities will provide the most comment and largest amount of scope for your project. The WAPC will then consider these recommendations with your application, and issue you with a Decision Letter. The Decision Letter will contain conditional approval or refusal of you subdivision application. The letter contains a list of conditions from all stakeholders that must be satisfied for the subdivision to proceed. When the decision letter is returned, it is very important to scope the conditions in the letter properly to determine what work must be done. At this stage there will be design and engineering work, consultation with stakeholders, service agreement requests with utility providers, DA preparation, works scheduling and tendering, and other preliminary planning activities. More information on how we can help with this stage here.





The works scoped, designed and scheduled at the previous stage must now be executed and managed.  This will involve civil site works, demolition, retaining, internal servicing, drainage and access leg installations, upgrades to any retained dwellings to make them compliant with the Residential Design codes and Local Planning policies, and construction of any new dwellings (if building is part of the subdivision strategy). There will also be the payment of co-contributions to Local Government and Utility Providers . A cadastral survey of the new lot boundaries will also be performed and a final survey plan for deposit with Landgate will be prepared. There is more information on services we can provide for this stage here


Upon the completion of works, provision of appropriate as-built drawings, and payment of contributions and fees, we are able to submit clearance forms to the Utility Providers and Government Authorities for the individual conditions they have imposed in the Decision Letter.

When this is done and all certificates of clearance are obtained, we are able to lodge a final subdivision clearance form, also known as a “form 1C” ,with an approved survey plan to the West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for review and final clearance.


Once the West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) clears the form 1C, we are able to deposit a survey plan with Landgate . It will progress to the status of "in order for dealings" once processed. Once your certified plan is "in order for dealings", a settlement agent can be engaged to commence the production of new titles with Land gate. At this stage we can investigate options for you of selling your land, building on the land, or retaining it for future use. 


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