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project planning consultation

Our project development process is set up to help people just like you undertake important preparation activities like strategy, finance and tax planning, sourcing the right property in the right areas, and doing the numbers before you commit so you are certain of project viability.

Let us help you by providing the expert advice, guidance you need to enjoy a safe and successful property development journey.

Our initial preparation consultation is the first part of any project.

It’s a 60-minute consultation, where we go through an introduction to project planning, development strategy, finance pre-approvals, tax planning, investment set up, and sourcing premium development sites. The consultation is held at our office in Perth (or via teleconference). If you’re interstate and looking to develop in Perth, let us know when making a booking.

EPIC Project Example

Sam owns a successful renovation business employing around 20 people, and was looking to step back form his business a bit and get into property development.

He found the Infill Property Developer E-book on our website in January 2020 and bought it.

Keen to continue learning all he could before he started, he and his business partner Ron enrolled in a full-day subdivision training workshop. By the end of the course, they had a much better understanding of where, why and how to develop properly. They then started working with us to get ready for a project acquisition.

This meant assistance with finance, tax planning and strategy discussion about their goals, budget, and the assembly of an acquisition brief. With the assistance of buyer’s agents in our real estate agent network, we looked at, and ran the numbers on 4 off market sites. In late June, we found a property that was the right fit for them, being a 3-townhouse development site in Leederville. The site was off market, so dealing with the owner allowed us time to negotiate terms, price and work out the best design solution with feasibility studies before committing to the project.

Purchase price $1,200,000
Purchase associated costs $93,515
Total Purchase Price  $1,293,515
Total Subdivision and Build costs $1,251,826
Total Holding and Interest costs $122,018
Total Land and Development Costs less GST (includes contingencies, development management) $2,662,903
On Completion Value (less selling costs and GST) $3,203,409
GST owed  $78,999
Profit before tax (net of GST) $461,507
Indicative ROI 17.33%
Indicative ROIC 44.26%
Upfront capital required $1,042,758