Land Development Consultants & Project Advice

Need help with property or land development? We offer development consultation and project advice as and when you need it!

Get professional property and land development consultants help and project advice for your subdivision or property development.

It all starts with an initial consult to answer questions and get you on the right track!

There are times where a paid hour or two of a professional consultants time would be really helpful, particularly if your own research has taken too long or you are not sure you even have the right answer to your questions. At these moments, you need to get advice from an expert to remove the uncertainty.

  • Do you have a property and want to know if you can subdivide it?

  • Do you want to know what your subdivision will cost, or if it is worth it?

  • Have you been doing your own research, but have gotten more confused that when you started?

  • Are you just simply not sure where to start?

At FLYNN Subdivision Experts, we have property and land development consultants who can do just that. We are happy to consult, advise or coach on a pro-rata approach for your projects, to steer you in the right direction and provide you with the answers you need. Simple, flexible, easy, and helpful.

Book a consultation for assistance with your project. We will get in touch with you about a day, time and format – we can do in person, by phone or via zoom.

Why use our consulting service?

  • Flexibility to suit your needs and budget
  • Fast response to problems
  • Reduce errors and mistakes
  • Advice on project costs, risks, and site development potential
  • Advice on subdivision potential
  • Provide some guidance if you are managing your own development and are having problems or feeling lost
  • Review of or assistance with your feasibility study to check the “deal” before you close on an offer or get started
  • Provide Project Management and delivery assistance if you are too busy, stuck or have to go away for period of time mid project
  • Conflict and dispute resolution

What you can use us for?

  • Project consulting and advice by the hour
  • Mentoring or Coaching
  • Site investigation
  • Access to our network of consultants, contractors and other professionals for project assistance
  • Design and document review
  • Contractor and builder pricing review and discussion
  • Expert opinion, advice tools and tips
  • Reduce errors and mistakes
  • Decision Letter and/or DA reviews
  • Project process, schedule and/or program review