Need help with property or land development? Consultant assistance is available as and when you need it!

Are there times where you just want an hour or so of a professional land development consultants time, without signing a contract for them to do everything?  At FLYNN Subdivision Experts, we have property and land development consultants who can do just that. We understand that there are developers who to run their own projects independently or a more experienced and dont need as much help. These developers however may also also need some assistance from time to time, but dont want a contract . We are happy to consult, manage, advise or coach on pro-rata approach, meaning an hourly rate buildup with no lock in contracts. Simple, flexible, easy, and helpful.

Get professional  property and land development consultants help and advice by the hour, with no lock in contracts!

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Pro-Rata Hourly Consulting

Why use a Property or Land Development Consultants time Pro-rata?

Book time with a professional property or land development consultant for help with your project:

  • Pro-Rata, pay as you go with no lock in contracts
  • Flexibility to suit your needs and budget
  • Fast response to problems
  • Reduce errors and mistakes
  • Provide some guidance if you are managing your own development and are having problems or feeling lost
  • Review of or assistance with your feasibility study to check the “deal” before you make an offer or get started
  • Provide Project Management if you are too busy or have to go away for period of time mid project

What You Can Use Your Property or Land Development Consultants Time For

  • Project Consulting and advice by the hour
  • Mentoring or coaching
  • Access to our network of consultants and other professionals for referral assistance
  • Design and document review
  • Contractor and builder pricing review and discussion
  • Pro-rata project management (takeover or care-taking)
  • Expert opinion, advice tools and tips
  • Reduce errors and mistakes
  • Decision Letter and/or DA reviews
  • Project process, schedule and/or program review
  • Project management on call
prorata consulting services with land development consultants

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