How and where to get started with subdivision & property development.

Perhaps you are just beginning your journey, or you may have already spent a bit of time gathering information and educating yourself. Maybe you even have a project in mind already.

Whatever stage you are at, here is your opportunity to get assistance. Working with us removes the uncertainty, puts you in control of your projects and keeps you on track towards the ultimate end goal – financial freedom.

The FLYNN Subdivision Experts EPIC Projects Process provides all the answers you need for the next step of your property development journey. If you haven’t read about our process, take a look. To this end, there are all sorts of questions that need answers along the way.

  • What is the best strategy for you?
  • What type of project should you do?
  • Where and what site should you develop?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • How do you work out if your project is going to make money?
  • How do you choose the right builder or contractors?
  • How are you going to finance your project?

All our customers needed answers to these and many other questions along the way. With our help, you can get the answers you need to make sound investment decisions and move in the right direction from the start.

Make your developments more successful by following our methodical 4-stage process approach we use to make profitable developments happen.

Each step of our subdivision and property development process is one piece of the puzzle that fits together to provide all the answers you need to make subdivision & property development easy, successful and profitable.

You can start by reading our Guide to small lot subdivision and take the Online course.

If you are ready to start a project, setup a Project Planning Consultation. It’s a 45-minute consultation, where we go through an introduction to project planning, development strategy, finance pre-approvals, tax planning, investment set up, and sourcing premium development sites. The 45-minute consultation is held at our office in Perth (if you’re interstate and looking to develop in Perth, let us know in the form).

To make a booking, complete all your details and don’t forget to let us know your preferences for a day/time. Once we receive your booking, we will contact you to confirm the day, time & give you a list of items to prepare for the meeting.

Alternatively, if you’ve already started a project and need some help, come and talk to us. Our Coaching & Consulting hourly sessions are ideal for this.

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