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Subdivision Cost Calculator 


Calculate how much it will cost to subdivide in WA

To help you get an quick insight into your projects feasibility, we have built a free subdivision cost calculator for you to use online.

User instructions and Disclaimer- 

1. Populate as many fields as you are able on each page. The more input data the more accurate your project feasibility forecast will be.

2. You may leave fields that are not relevant for your development or that you are unsure of blank. Get in contact with us to discuss items you cannot estimate.

3. If you are producing land only leave line items relevant to building dwellings blank.

4. The forecasts delivered from this online calculator are to be used as a guide only and are no substitute for detailed feasibility studies. Your own input data is neither collected nor reviewed by FLYNN Subdivision Experts or its Agents, and as such the cost projections derived from the Subdivision Cost Calculator tool serve as an indication only. Flynn Subdivision Experts accept no responsibility for the accuracy of data from the Subdivision Cost Calculator, decisions made to invest in property based on data output from the Subdivision Cost Calculator, or accept any  liability for losses arising from investment activities or decisions made based on data and projections from the Subdivision Cost Calculator.

5. A professional Subdivision Consultant such as FLYNN Subdivision Experts should be consulted for detailed feasibility studies and research into project viability before committing to a property purchase or development decision for investment purposes.

The subdivision cost calculator provides an indication of project viability based on your input data. We strongly recommend doing detailed feasibility studies with us to get an accurate answer. FLYNN feasibility studies deliver surety and allow you to make sound investment decisions

A FLYNN feasibility study can include:

  • Feature survey and draft overlay

  • Geotechnical report and preliminary civil works costings 

  • Research of property particulars

  • Study and application of R codes and local planning texts to the project, to ascertain potential requirements for development application

  • identification and location of major services (Telstra, Atco Gas, Western power, Watercorp, NBN Co)

  • Building designs, costing and drawings

  • Market research and analysis reporting for revenue forecasting

  • Outline of project scope (including surveying, planning, engineering and construction work).

  • Outline of Project timeline

  • Projection of Project Costs and Profit.